A magical weekend!

I had such a great time on Saturday at my first ever craft fair, the MAGICAL Fairy Tale Fair! The event was so busy and it was really nice to hear all the comments about my cats that I’ve been working so hard on! I think it’s safe to say it was a success, and now I’m really looking forward to my next two fairs!

This Saturday I will be at the Friends Meeting House in the South Lanes. I’m expecting this one to be a lot more sedate than the Fairy Tale Fair, but hopefully lots of people will be about Christmas shopping. On Sunday 9th December I will be at Craftaganza which I am SO excited about, because it’s really the event which made me want to start doing fairs!

My Christmas cards and decorations were particuarly popular on Saturday, and in fact I came home to find I’d had a sale on Folksy too. Make sure you get yours while I still have some left! You can get them from my Folksy HERE or if you prefer, Etsy HERE.

Toby (i like CATS)


4 thoughts on “A magical weekend!

      1. TheBigForest

        Yes indeed. We will do a ‘we like cats post about your work on our blog soon but will have to wait till December as we are imploding with work at the moment!! Not a pretty sight!

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