// Blog Hop!


I was super excited this week to be nominated for the blog hop taking the craft world by storm! I was nominated by the beautiful magical screen printing design duo helloDODO, who I am lucky enough to know IRL as well as URL.

The blog hop involves answering three crafty questions and then nominating others to carry on the chain. It’s a bit like a chain letter without anyone dying at the end. I hope. Nominated alongside me was some more IRL friends of mine, laser cutting dinosaur loving babes designosaur, and here’s their blog post. SO there we go, now you know what’s happening and now I’m going to answer those three questions…

What have you been making at your desk this week?

With Christmas fast approaching I’ve been working on a big range of different products this week! Some of them are secret for now, but you won’t have to wait long to see them! I’ve been spending lots of time on my trusty graphics tablet drawing some new designs for some completely new products that I’m really excited about!


I’ve also been working on lots of my hand drawn necklace charms. I have two new stockists that I’m currently making items for, as well as building up my stock ready for Christmas markets – I have lots coming up in November and December!

Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

Obviously my main inspiration comes from my deep, deep love of cats, however I get inspiration from lots of other places too!

My love of nature can be seen throughout my work, particularly in my black cat prints! There are certain motifs that run throughout my work inspired by foliage.


Children’s toys and cartoons like Adventure Time inspire many of my choices for bright colours and patterns. I also love all things Kawaii and my obsession with Disneyland has also crept into my work a few times.


I always have Netflix or Spotify playing while I draw, and I think music in particular can affect the work I make. This week I have been alternating between Banks and Odessa on repeat…

How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

Creativity has always been a big part of my life, from when I was at school, to studying Fine Art at university and then opening my Etsy shop. I work from home so I’m always surrounded by all of my ongoing projects, it can be difficult to draw a line between everything but somehow it works!



If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve recently started doing a daily cat journal. It’s already inspired some new designs and it’s a great way of making sure I’m being creative every day!

I’m also lucky to have a good old group of creative friends, like those helloDODO and designosaur folks. I met them through craft fairs and the Brighton Etsy Team along with lots of other magical craft people. In face living in Brighton it’s kind of impossible not to be a little bit creative.


OK BOOM! I hope I answered those questions well enough for everyone. I feel like I’ve written a few pages of my memoir. I not have to nominate some people to carry on the hop! I have a habit of trying to be funny and nominating Justin Bieber, but this time I am going to be sensible and nominate some real-actual-crafty people (whoare just as good as Biebs).

First up I’m nominating Deborah of DB Illustrations. Deborah is the most crazily talented illustrator I know. Her work is so inspiring and I’ve loved watching her brand grow over the (almost) three years I’ve known her. She also has a really nice blog! 

Secondly I’m nominating Becky of Becky Queen of Frocks. Becky is a sewing whizz, and I always love her choice of quirky fabrics. She also plays the ukelele so gold stars all around! You’ll find her blog here.

Both of these ladies I met while they were living in Brighton, and funnily enough they both now live in Nottingham! That’s a nice link, isn’t it. Looking forward to reading their blog posts!


HAVE FUN! Love from Toby xoxox =^._.^=


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