// 365 drawings of cats – Week 1

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, last year I started a journal of daily drawings which I would post to Instagram. When I first started in September it was really just a way of getting ideas out of my head and making sure I was doing something creative each day; but with the start of the New Year I decided to make it a THING, with the aim of making a drawing a day for the whole 365 days of 2015. Each week I’m going to do a round up of the last 7 days drawings, giving each a bit more of an explanation behind the drawing. SO! If you’re ready, here is the first week (and a bit) of drawings!

1st January
IMG_0725The first day of the year is all about resolutions! These are mine for the year. I’m not even joking. The matchbook I took from my Grandma Pam’s house.

2nd January
IMG_0726I really liked those chubby cats that I’d drawn the day before, so I thought I’d draw a little gang of them. You can probably expect to see a lot more of them this year as part of I like CATS. At the time of drawing this I had my baby neice with me, so I thought I’d start teaching her about colours, which is why there’s a rainbow explosion on the right hand side.

3rd January
IMG_0727It’s those chubby cats again! I wanted to try them out using my felt tip pens. I was loving the right hand page and then I decided to add those balloons and then I hated it. The right hand page is just because all fruits are friends with cats.

4th January
IMG_0728I was at work when I drew this, and I only had a few colours in my pencil case. The cat on the right is a sea siren waiting to eat the hearts of lost sailors (obviously). I also had Lemongrab on my mind, and being a big fan of bootleg cartoons I thought I would add him in too.

5th January
IMG_0729We had a power cut ALL day on monday, it was super annoying. I always love drawing cats with buildings, it’s a bit of a default when I can’t think of something else at that moment. I also love creating little living environments, I guess the image on the right is a bit of a self portrait of me age 19 (note the Sonic Youth CD, diary and books).

6th January
IMG_0730During the power cut our only entertainment was DVDs on the laptop (until the battery ran out), and we ended up watching many hours of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. If you didn’t already know, Salem is my favourite celebrity cat, so any chance to draw him I’ll take. I’m thinking of making a print of him, I love this quote of his!

7th January
IMG_0731A whole week of drawings! Maybe I even surprised myself. Back when I was ‘studying’ Fine Art at university I used to draw a LOT of skulls. I also collected them and knitted them and made masks of them and loads of other things. Now I draw cats, but it’s nice to go back every now and again.

8th January
IMG_0732This was a BRAIN BLOCK day.

9th January
IMG_0733This is a true story, I kill all the plans. This week I killed my tomato plan that I’d been lovingly growing for almost 3 years. Last year it gave me six tomatoes, and all I gave it was death. I’m the worst. Once I had a cactus and my cat Squiffy bit a chunk off it.

10th January
IMG_0734More plants. Always inspired by things like knives and scissors. I realise it looks like the top cat is going to snip the bottom one but that’s not really whats going on. I always love a contrastb though, a mix of cute and violent. Sharp and fuzzy. snip snip snip.

See you again next Sunday for a round up of the coming week! I honestly have no idea what you’ll see. Don’t forget you can also follow me on Instagram to see the drawings daily. Also check out the hashtag #Tobydrawscats365


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