// 365 drawings of cats – Week 2

Hello! Hope you’ve all been having a lovely lazy Sunday! Here’s a look at the second week of my #Tobydrawscats365 project!

11th January

This was quite a quick sketch I did while at work. I always like to play with the lines between creepy and cute. The second page might have been inspired by the fact I was at work; you can decide for yourself whether it is read with swagger or disdain.

12th January

I was kind of distracted drawing these, especially the first page. I wanted to add some colour and thought some abstract shapes could go nicely; although I wish I’d done the drawing in pen. I really need to invest in some new drawing pens actually, so if anyone has any recommendations for good ones let me know in a comment!

13th January

The crown was the starting point for this one, I just had the shape in my head and had to get it out. I felt like drawing some of my chubby cats so that’s what happened. I’m thinking of putting them as a repeat pattern on some fabric…
(Necklace available in my Etsy shop)

14th January
Week2_4I wanted to create a very bold monochrome drawing on this day. Again playing with creepy/cute. I really love giving cats those big bug eyes at the moment. Also enjoying adding pattern to backgrounds.

15th January

I drew this while meeting with Karli of designosaur to discuss an upcoming collaboration we have planned! I was feeling a little self conscious since I don’t usually draw in front of people. I started with the troll since we both like trolls. We also both share a hate for inspirational quotes, something I really love teasing her about… however I do really love making images with text. I always try to be a little sarcastic or poetic or weird about it. Or all of them.

16th January
Week2_6Usually when I do my daily drawing I have no idea what I’m going to be drawing until I put the pen on the paper; I think that’s why I’m only usually happy with them like 40% of the time. On a very rare occasion I will have a pre-thought idea in my head, like today when I was thinking about this idea I have that will hopefully be part of a bigger project. “Dear diary, I am a cat” is a phrase I’ve used before and I hope will be the title of something I’ve had in my head for a while. I just love drawing these little environments for the cats, like teen bedrooms where the humans are just replaced with cats. Not even in an anthropomorphic sense, just like that’s how it always was. Ya know. Anyway I really like this drawing. Also I just spelt anthropomorphic without even checking and now I’m pretty happy.

17th January
Week2_7If I can’t think of something to draw, cats and flowers are my default. I considered adding colour but I didn’t really have the time. I’d like to revisit the first page maybe as a watercolour…

As always don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram to see the drawings daily as I draw them. Check back same time next week for a round up of what’s to come. Who knows what you’ll see…


3 thoughts on “// 365 drawings of cats – Week 2

  1. Karli

    Shushhhh don’t tell everyone! Also anthropomorphic, I had to look that one up :/

    Enjoying your drawings and finding out more about them on this here blog!


  2. Kate

    So many things I love about this post! Bug eyes ❤ crown cat ❤ your monochrome day, 'Dear Diary I am a cat' ❤ Just everything really! I might have to go off and make a crown hoop now. x x x P.S SUPER excited about the designosaur/i like cats collaboration.


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