// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 3

Meow! Did that week go past super fast for everyone else too? Here’s a look back at the third week of my #Tobydrawscats365 project!

18th January
Week3_1I was at work so this was a quick one. My main thinking was to make it WEIRD. Next time I might make it weirder.

19th January

I’d been listening to FKA twigs, the right hand page is kind of a doodle of her. The left hand side was kind of a continuation from the day before, long hair creeps. When I have more time I want to expand on this idea a bit more.

20th January

So for a couple of really great days this week we thought we’d seen the end of Page 3. No such step forward yet, but stop by here and sign the petition and let’s try to make the change happen.

21st January

22nd January

After the rain, the side of the cliff felt smooth as glass. Slowly, little by little, the house began to slide towards the edge. The sea licked the rocks, it wanted to taste the bricks.
The cat reached out, extending his colossal limbs to wrap around the foundations.
The moon watched on, uncaring.

23rd January

24th January

Saturday was the first day of lovely sunshine that I got to enjoy! I took this while walking the dog. Also I have tickets to see First Aid Kit! I was content.


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