// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 5

Meow! It’s one day late, but here’s a look back at the last week of daily drawings!

Sunday 1st February

Week5_1Pinch punch first of the month! Following on from last week when I pre-painted my pages before work, I did the same again this Sunday. I was pretty busy on my lunch break eating chocolate fingers so I did almost forget to draw, so this was quite a quick sketch. Affection aggression is a real and present danger.

2nd February
Week5_2Messy desk + messy mind = bad mood sketches

3rd February
Week5_3I got these super cute Disney presser transfers from the charity shop and I’ve been obsessed with putting them everywhere. It was super fun seeing how they would interact with my drawings!

4th February
Week5_4Today my shoes were more interesting than my drawing…

5th February
Week5_5When I was younger I had a cactus on my windowsill. My most beloved and missed cat Squiffy once took a big bite of the cactus. Neither cat nor cactus were harmed, but the cactus did grow in a funny shape afterwards where the bite was.

6th February
Week5_6More ramblings from my crazy little head.

7th February
Week5_7This was just experiments with pattern. Doodle doodle doodle!


3 thoughts on “// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 5

  1. actuallyido

    Ah so much love! Toby I think you should collaborate with the creator guy of Adventure Time and make your drawings into the world’s BEST cat cartoons. I’ll get him on the phone yeah?! I think 6th Feb should be the pilot. Also I so get affection aggression with all cats!

    Kate x


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