// Valentines Gift Guide Part 2


Following on from last week’s blog post where I picked my favourite V day cards, today I will be sharing some awesome gifts that I’ve found from amazing designer makers away from the high street! All of these things can be found on etsy, be sure to check them out!

VDG_1ROAR! What says I LOVE YOU better than a T-Rex eating a bright red heart? This brooch by my favourite laser-cut jewellery pros designosaur is super awesome, and I think would be well received by men and women alike, so all preferences are covered. I could definitely see this on my favourite jumper getting lots of attention.

VDG_3I featured helloDODO in last week’s post too, but they’re my favourites so here they are again. These prints inspired by wooden building blocks can be personalised with any initials to show your love. They’re not just for Valentine’s day either; I think they’d make an amazing wedding or anniversary present – especially for the first year ‘paper’ gift!

VDG_5Another personalised gift idea are these super cute bears by Pygmy Cloud. You can have any letter added to the bear’s tummy, and you can even choose whether your bear is happy or grumpy! Obvs you’re mega in love for V day so I’m sure the happy face would be the better choice for this occasion!

VDG_4It took me a while to choose which item from Rock Cakes to feature as I love all of her jewellery so much, especially the precious pieces. In the end it had to be this silver anatomical heart necklace which I have been coveting for a while now. I think the hand stamped ‘BE BRAVE’ is such a nice message to give to the person you love, and definitely a phrase everyone needs to remembr every now and again. Also, who wouldn’t want some shiny jewellery on Valentines day?

VDG_6If you read my handmade Christmas blog post a few weeks ago you’ll already recognise these awesome hand stamped bracelets by Oh Someday. You’ll find lots of Valentine’s appropriate lyric bracelets in the Oh Someday etsy shop, or if you want to wait a few days more you can get a personalised one too! Available in brass and silver, I recommend the silver for an extra special touch!

I hope you’ve seen something in this post you love! What’s your favourite? What are you hoping to get this weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!
Toby xoxox

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