// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 13!

This week I asked my number one fan Karli to write my regular daily drawing blog post, because I’m lazy to see someone else’s perspective on what I’ve been drawing. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how accurate her perception of me is…



I’m Karli from designosaur! I love Toby’s weekly drawing round ups, and this week Toby has super kindly asked me to guest blog his drawing post. Excited? OBVS.

29th March
photo 1 (1)We were at the Etsy Captains Summit last week, and after a full on and intense weekend being in a confined space with me a load of other captains I’m not surprised this piece is a bit of self reflection.

I think Toby took a long hard look at himself (he’s represented by the cat that is winking like Beyonce cos separated at birth) and the grimacing emoji is judging him. (That emoji face is me)

30th March
photo 2 (1)This one has a quote “My influence is mud” I don’t know what this means and I could look it up, but it’s much more fun to make up my own explanations. Painted with his new mini water colour set (I recognise that blue from last week) I would say that he’s fearing spring, the angry cats amongst the spring flowers is an inner dilemma.

31st March
photo 3 (1)Gloopy paints are Toby’s new favourite, as we reach midweek we see that the drawings get darker and Toby is struggling as we approach hump day.

1st April
photo 4He ain’t no Fool, blue and yellow is a new favourite colour combo, and Toby dreams of his 90s dream phone boyfriend proposing… don’t we all.

2nd April
photo 5Cats that look like Beyonce, hanging out with those that look like Coroline’s mum. Enough said.

3rd Aprilphoto 1 (2)Who doesn’t love stickers?! Those feelings of resentment about sunshine are back, this black cats’ face has been removed and this is the cat that represents Toby. Having an out of body experience is a daily experience and here the removed features show him looking down on himself.

4th April
photo 2 (2)Easter Saturday! Merry Christmas, Happy Hallows Eve and all that jazz! It’s actually really sad that Toby can’t tell the different holidays apart. He has to celebrate every holiday on the same day so the bank holiday weekend has been a perfect opportunity to go trick or treating, eat Christmas dinner and have an Easter egg hunt. All that is shown here by lots of cats and a cute bunny with really long toe nails.

Thanks for coming along on Karli’s magical mystery tour of Toby’s mind!

See you soon!

Karli x


One thought on “// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 13!

  1. onlymand

    Nearly all Toby’s fav’ words begin with the “C” sound ( that includes a “K”) so well done Karli you captured him to a “T” for CA..! ( the nearly is because one starts with a “F” and I’ve seen a flash of that cat in th past!)


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