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Craft Party this week!

Brighton Etsy Team

It’s now just a few days away – have you got your tickets yet? – and we’re getting super excited for our annual Etsy Craft Party!


This year the fun will be taking place at the Brighthelm Centre from 7-10pm on 5
th June. Unlike our other meet-ups throughout the year the craft party doesn’t have a discussion or any agenda; apart from having fun! It is a chance to meet up, have a go at some new crafts, eat some cake and have a drink. The event is open for absolutely everyone to attend, whether you have an Etsy shop or even if you don’t usually make things!


This year the theme for the party is ‘Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape’. Think all bright and colourful with some really inventive uses for paper!

On the night there will be plenty of materials for everyone to have a go at crafting…

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// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 15 & 16!

Meow! Hello!
You may have noticed a lack of blog posts last week, even including my weekly drawing round up! This is because I’ve decided to split it into fortnightly posts because I’m too lazy for a weekly blog post  so that I have time to make non-drawing related posts in between! And instead of sharing ALL of them I’m just going to pick my favourites, that way there won’t be any blank spaces where I’m just like ‘this is a picture of a cat I drew that got a bit fucked up’. YAY! If you want to see ALL of them you’ll have to just follow me on Instagram to see them daily. awh yeah.

12th April
Week15_1I had this most awesome Candypants song in my head and that where the words are from. I wish that I was clever enough to say they were written by me.

13th April
Week15_2Sometimes I like to challenge myself to use every single colour in my travel watercolours. I promptly smudged this whole page 10 seconds after taking this picture.

16th April
Week15_3How to tell if you have magic powers:
Walk up lots of steps
Move to the edge
See if you fly.

18th April
Week15_4Take three fresh stones and grind them with a pestle and mortar. Take this dust and sprinkle it onto the rind of a kiwi. Add a pinch of pink sea salt and 25ml of Sunny Delight. Boil to 100c and blend. Drink immediately.

20th April
Week16_1A total solar eclipse will occur on September 3, 2081.

24th April
Week16_2Let’s Get Serious” is the title track from Jermaine Jackson’s 1980 album Let’s Get Serious on Motown Records, written by Lee Garrett and Stevie Wonder.

April 26th
Week16_3While most of the residents work and shop outside of town, there are a few local businesses and bars. The largest employer in Lotus is Fergueson & Sons factory, where they make novelty bookmarks that are sold exclusively to Oriental Trading in Omaha, Nebraska.

// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 13!

This week I asked my number one fan Karli to write my regular daily drawing blog post, because I’m lazy to see someone else’s perspective on what I’ve been drawing. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how accurate her perception of me is…



I’m Karli from designosaur! I love Toby’s weekly drawing round ups, and this week Toby has super kindly asked me to guest blog his drawing post. Excited? OBVS.

29th March
photo 1 (1)We were at the Etsy Captains Summit last week, and after a full on and intense weekend being in a confined space with me a load of other captains I’m not surprised this piece is a bit of self reflection.

I think Toby took a long hard look at himself (he’s represented by the cat that is winking like Beyonce cos separated at birth) and the grimacing emoji is judging him. (That emoji face is me)

30th March
photo 2 (1)This one has a quote “My influence is mud” I don’t know what this means and I could look it up, but it’s much more fun to make up my own explanations. Painted with his new mini water colour set (I recognise that blue from last week) I would say that he’s fearing spring, the angry cats amongst the spring flowers is an inner dilemma.

31st March
photo 3 (1)Gloopy paints are Toby’s new favourite, as we reach midweek we see that the drawings get darker and Toby is struggling as we approach hump day.

1st April
photo 4He ain’t no Fool, blue and yellow is a new favourite colour combo, and Toby dreams of his 90s dream phone boyfriend proposing… don’t we all.

2nd April
photo 5Cats that look like Beyonce, hanging out with those that look like Coroline’s mum. Enough said.

3rd Aprilphoto 1 (2)Who doesn’t love stickers?! Those feelings of resentment about sunshine are back, this black cats’ face has been removed and this is the cat that represents Toby. Having an out of body experience is a daily experience and here the removed features show him looking down on himself.

4th April
photo 2 (2)Easter Saturday! Merry Christmas, Happy Hallows Eve and all that jazz! It’s actually really sad that Toby can’t tell the different holidays apart. He has to celebrate every holiday on the same day so the bank holiday weekend has been a perfect opportunity to go trick or treating, eat Christmas dinner and have an Easter egg hunt. All that is shown here by lots of cats and a cute bunny with really long toe nails.

Thanks for coming along on Karli’s magical mystery tour of Toby’s mind!

See you soon!

Karli x

// Happy New Year!


Meow! Just a quick post to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great night and more importantly a brilliant 2014 – I’m looking forward to lots already for 2015!

Stay tuned for a post looking back at the last year, and a peek at what’s to come in the coming months. New years resolution #1 is to be a better blogger!

Toby xoxo



Some big work deadlines have meant I’ve been a little quiet lately, so I thought I would let you know what else I have been preparing for!

I have two upcoming spring markets, both taking place next weekend (Saturday 12/13th April)


Once again I will be returning to the fantastic Fairy Tale Fair which is always one of the most fun fairs to take part in. Alongside all of the brilliant stalls selling handmade goodies there’s loads for all the family to do, with a pop-up tearoom selling delicious lunches, cakes and refreshments (this will be run by Rosehip who were there at Christmas too, and kept my belly and eyes very happy with their whimiscal menu), an amazing facepainter (there for the big kids too!) and musical entertainment. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my crafty pals again including Cat-a-cake creations (who is also the fair organiser), Cheap Frills, Retro Violet, and Yellow Bear Wares, amongst many others!

Spring 2014 Fox

On Sunday I shall be London bound to once again sell at the Peckham Crafty Fox Market. I’m really excited about this as the one I did at Christmas was definitely a highlight of my 2013 markets! Crafty Fox is taking place over 2 weekends both in Peckham and Brixton, with different sellers on each day. With me on the 13th you’ll find the likes of Katze Shop by Rosa Pietsch and Ooh La Lapin.

At both fairs I will have my usual selection of cat gifts including my cards, iPhone cases, hand drawn earrings and necklaces, rings and hand sewn cases.These are also available to buy from my Etsy shop HERE.

I won’t be doing a huge amount of markets this year, so do be sure to catch me while you can!