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// designosaur collaboration out now!

Meow! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you’ll know that yesterday me and designosaur released our little limited edition collaboration we’ve been working on!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe result of our collab is two bags which are kind of insane but I love them. As they might not be what you were expecting from us, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration and process behind them…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo about a year ago it was first suggested between us that we should get together to make something; but we wanted to make something a little different. designosaur are known of course for being laser cut jewellery designers (check out their shop here) and I am known for making things with cats on. We wanted to incorporate both of these things but also mix it up a bit. The idea was to make a clutch bag that incorporated laser cut elements, and that’s how it began.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next part took a loooooong time. Not because we are lazy, but actually the opposite! We are both super busy all of the time with our etsy shops and other jobs, and craft fairs, and Christmas and pop-up shops and the Brighton Etsy team that a million things got in the way! We had a joint Pinterest board that we would pin inspiration to, but apart from that it took several months to get ideas onto paper for what we would actually make. So what were our inspirations? It’s amazing really because we both have pretty similar taste. We both love the 90s, pastel colours, clear acrylic, emojis, fast food, faux fur, glitter… the list goes on. We also knew of course we HAD to include CATS and DINOSAURS!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEverything started coming together and I made lots and lots of illustrations that I then turned into fabric. We chose a sweet pastelly-mint-teal with white illustrations for a cotton lining which features in all the bags, and a purple colour-pop faux suede for the purses. We knew we also wanted a fun faux fur in a pastel colour, so found this amazing luxury long-pile fabric which is so soft and lovely for the clutch bag. Karli and Jaq then turned my illustrations into acrylic charms (I don’t know how they do it! Magic!) in sweet clear pastel shades with etched details, and I got to sewing! The main thing that you need to know about this is that my flat is now covered in a layer of pastel pink fur from cutting into the fabric. It’s nice but not when it gets in your mouth/guts.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach clutch bag has 14 laser cut and etched acrylic charms! 13 of them are individually hand sewn into the fur, and then one is on the zipper. As you can see all of our favourite things feature… cats, dinosaurs, burgers, bones, pizza, aliens, little angry faces. I love them! I also convinced designosaur to make this ring from the bone illustration. It doesn’t really fit with I like CATS or probs designosaur but I don’t care cos I LOVE it. I’ve worn mine pretty constantly since I got it.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other fun thing about this collab is that all orders come with a free sheet of stickers we designed to go with the collection!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there’s the story! And I’d love to know what you think! Maybe it wasn’t what you were expecting but I hope you’ll still love them ! Everything is super limited edition, and you’ll find them both in my shop here and designosaur‘s here.


Toby =^._.^=


// Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s one week today until Mother’s Day in the UK (15th March) so I thought I would get together a lovely little gift guide with cards and gifts from Etsy sellers across the UK. First up, my pick of the nicest cards!


Well, I feel like I would be betraying myself if I didn’t start off with something from the I like CATS shop! Here’s my latest card which is perfect for all the purrrfect mums of the world, featuring my princess kitty illustration. Find it here!


This card by LHdesign features Lola’s hand lettering. I love how simple yet heartfelt it is. Another great thing about this card is that 50p of all sales go to Women’s Aid, the UK charity helping women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Find it here! 

This card by Pygmy Cloud is the cutest!!! I can deffo relate to the little happy cloud. Here’s hoping for some lovely sunshine for all the mums on Mother’s Day! Find it here!

helloDODO designs always have a clever twist, and I love the hidden heart in their Mother’s Day card. Find it here! 



There are many pieces of jewellery in designosaur‘s shop that mum’s will LOVE, but you really just can’t go wrong with this chicken brooch! Find it here! 

MD_6These lovely new floral necklaces by i am acrylic have been inspired by a 1940s silk scarf and the Iris flowers of Ruth’s childhood. They are so sweet and I love the colour combinations! Find them here!

MD_7For a gift that’s more personal, Actually I Do creates beautiful custom embroidery hoops with your choice of word or message. It gets extra points cos it’s like a card and a gift in one! Find it here! 

MD_8For the crafty mum, Yellow Bear Ware’s upcyled knitting and crochet needle jewellery is a really beautiful and inspired gift. Have a look in the YBW shop for lots of different colour combinations in rings, necklaces and earrings. Find the necklace pictured here! 

Do have a look at all the shops featured, they all have really lovely things for sale! Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been inspired by any of my picks!

xoxo Toby =^._.^=

// BtnEtsy Blog hop!


You may remember that last year I took part in a blog hop, where I answered three questions and then nominated three more people to answer the same via their blogs. Well that was lots of fun so I was happy to be nominated again (this time by designosaur) for a new hop, this time one created by and for the Brighton Etsy Team (of which I am a leader, yay!) SO! Here are some questions I’ve tried to answer for you…

1. What inspired you to start your business or Etsy shop?
I opened my first etsy shop back in 2009 when I was an art student making weird knitted things. It didn’t really go to plan and when I didn’t sell anything I didn’t renew my listings and forgot the shop existed. Three years later in 2012 I had graduated and moved to Brighton, needing an outlet for my creativity and having met some awesome people like DB Illustrations, I started again! There was more weird knitting, but thankfully that’s gone now. Also thankfully people now actually buy my things!


2. We’re looking at goals in the Brighton Etsy Team this month, can you share one of your goals for the next six months?
My main goal is to get more seasonally organised in advance. I want to be ready for everything around 3 months before they happen… so far I’m a little behind as Mother’s Day is less than a month away and my card is yet to be listed in my shop (it’s coming really soon!), but Mothers Day in the USA isn’t until May so I’m ahead somewhere! Just as long as I have my Christmas prep started in July I’ll be happy! (No jokes…)


3. What are you working on at the moment? 
I have three collaborations in the works with designosaur (which we started back last June… it’s almost ready though!), porcelain artist Little Birdy and animal hood grand masters Merrimaking (they were making the hoods before anyone else dontchaknow). They’ll all be released in the next month or so and then I’m focusing on new things! New designs, new products. I’ve also been doing a lot of drawing and painting so hoping to get more original works for sale.


4. If you could give other sellers or someone looking to start their own craft business one piece of advice, what would you say?
Don’t expect everything to happen at once, it takes a bit of work to get started. Make sure you’re actually selling good things people want to buy. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t make your first etsy sale within an hour. Think big! And don’t be a copycat.

Hope you enjoyed reading this mini interview, I now have to nominate some more people from the Brighton Etsy Team. First up I would like to choose illustrator extraordinaire Cheska of Mooshpie, Secondly I nominate Lucy of Peas and Needles who I don’t know personally but I found through the BtnEtsy blogroll (she has the most beautiful blog! blog envy!). Finally I choose clothesmaking duo Emperor’s New Clothes. Answer the questions above and nominate three more people to join in!

Thanks again to designosaur for nominating me 🙂

// 2014 Round up!

The start of a new year is always a good time to look back and reflect on what happened in the last twelve months, and I thought I would share some of my highlights from 2014 – a busy but rewarding year of work, fun and CATS!


The year started with a load of new products in the I like CATS shop! Some of them were old favourites with new designs, and some of them were completely new items like my iPhone cases and necklaces.


In March I could be found taking part in the Brighton Etsy Craftivist project, which put people like me into the window of Super+Super for a bit of live crafting!


I had lots of walks with my cat-dog Forrest! People always ask me why I have a dog, which is a really silly question.


Lots of people sent me pictures of their cats modelling I like CATS items, and I love them all! This is one of my favourite things about having a cat-themed shop =^._.^=


In May my wonderful, beautiful friends Ali and Jam got married and it was the most fun and colourful wedding EVER!


In June I helped to organise the Brighton Etsy Craft Party! It was super fun and lots of people came and ate frozen yoghurt and made some bunting and played some games and pulled silly faces in the photo booth.

IMG_0705 IMG_0706

In the summer I didn’t go on holiday but luckily it was super hot and Brighton is where all the most fun things are anyway. I met lots of cats and sat on the beach and hung out with friends and had my birthday. It was like all the good emojis.


I also released my first sets of prints! I’m so happy they were popular because it means I can make more now, yay!


In September I started a daily cat journal, which four months on is still ongoing!


Suddenly summer was over which means that CHRISTMAS begins! I wrote a story about how I love Christmas and that it’s OK to start thinking about it in April.


And then I was in the Telegraph…


And then we opened a pop up shop! Lots of hard work went into opening the shop, especially from Brighton Etsy team captain Karli. It was really great to be part of the shop and I’m so happy it was such a success!


I designed the King of hearts for the Brighton 54 playing cards!


In November and December I did LOTS of markets! Highlights included Renegade for the second year running with all my Brighton pals designosaur, hello DODO, Woah there Pickle, Rock Cakes, Sarah Edmonds, Anna’s Drawing Room and Faye Moorhouse (plus shoutout to Hand Over your Fairy Cakes!). I also loved being part of the first ever Brighton Etsy market, plus my usual favourites Crafty Fox market, The Fairy Tale Fair and Craftaganza were also excellent!


And then it was Christmas and the year came to an end!

PHEW! So much happened, lots that I’d even forgotten about a little bit until writing this post! Now I’m looking forward to the year ahead, lots of plans are already under way and I have a feeling it’s going to be just as bright and full!

I’d love to know what you all got up to last year, link me to your blogs or leave a comment!

Toby xoxo

// Brighton Etsy Team Pop Up Shop!


That’s right! It’s just a few short days until the first ever Brighton Etsy Team Pop Up Shop opens it’s doors!

I’m so excited to be a part of this shop which will be filled to the brim with amazing handmade and vintage items from some of my most favourite people such as helloDODO, designosaur, Little Mountains, Woah There Pickle, Mooshpie and SO many more that I don’t have room to list (but you can see the full list HERE!).


The shop is open for four weeks in Brighton’s South Lanes. We’ve had a busy week so far giving it a good clean, a fresh lick of paint and some really amazing festive design features which were cooked up by the brilliant Claire of ‘In the Making’. The shop is officially endorsed by Etsy so we have some lovely things from them from the shop too!


(Above image by EANJewellery)
In the shop you will be able to find plenty of I like CATS goodies in time for Christmas. I’ll have prints, tote bags, necklaces, badges and pocket mirrors all for sale. The launch party is coming up this Saturday 8th November all day, if you’re local please do come along!


Last weekend I was featured in the Sunday Telegraph talking about the pop-up (and a little bit about I like CATS too!), hopefully this will be great promotion for the shop!

It’s been such a busy few weeks getting everything ready for the shop and my upcoming markets, it’s so exciting that everything is now finally starting to take shape! Make sure you follow the #BtnEtsyPopUp tag on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest snaps and news!


// 500 Etsy Sales!

This weekend I was super happy to pass 500 sales in my Etsy shop! It’s such a great feeling knowing that people really like my products and actually want to buy them too!


Looking back to this time last year (when I had only 31 sales!) it’s amazing to see how much my brand has grown in 12 months. I want to say a big thank you to anyone who has ever bought anything from me (whether via Etsy or at a market) and supported my shop!

As a celebration I’m running a giveaway via Instagram and Facebook. Head over to my pages to enter for a chance to win a big prize bundle worth almost £50!

Toby xo




Two weeks ago was the global Etsy Craft Party, and once again I helped to organise the Brighton Team’s event. The theme for this year’s party was Recapture: Bringing new meaning to old photographs, and we incorporated this into the night’s crafting which had over 100 guests sewing, sticking, painting, stitching and embroidering old photographs onto bunting flags.

As well as crafting there was screen printed goody bags filled with handmade treats (including one of my own prints) a photobooth, lots of cake, games and competitions and lots of free goodies from our sponsors Lush cosmetics and Lick frozen yogurt. You can see more of the night in this brilliant video filmed and edited for us by Bob Prosser.


I’m so happy summer is here I’ve given my shop and Facebook page a bit of a sunny spruce up! Look out soon for a new discount code and special offer celebrating the sunshine!