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// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 14!

Hiya! Hopefully you’re not getting too bored of my drawings cos here are some more! I’m sure sometime soon I’ll have something different to blog about, but in the meantime I don’t mind just sharing my little thoughts with you…

I hope you all enjoyed Karli’s analysis last week… I think she knows me pretty well. Merry Christmas!

5th April
Week14_1It was Easter so obviously I had to add bunnies! Except I got carried away with the buns and ALMOST forgot to add cats. And then my cats looked like buns and my buns looked like cats.

6th April
Week14_2Happy Gloopy Day! Yeah so I decided to limit my gloopy drawings to one a week, so here is this week’s! Ooh look at that lovely blue. That was an accident.

7th April
Week14_3I guess I thought I’d been doing too much painting so I thought I’d go back to the pencil. This stated as a desk doodle. I also got an email that started ‘Hi kitten’ which I thought was the absolute cutest.

8th April
Week14_4Dreaming about Disneyland is the only thing that gets me through this damn life. Have fun or fuck off.

9th April
Week14_5Don’t want to sound like an emo but this is probably the worst I’ve ever done and if I could go back in time and do it over I WOULD. Nah, no regrets. Except some. This.

10th April

11th April
Week14_7This was done at 8am at the start of a looong train journey but I don’t know why I’m making excuses cos actually I really like this one. Someone said it looks like lemons but I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much.

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// 365 drawings of cats – week 4!

It’s Sunday! Yay! And that means a look back at my week of daily drawings! I can’t believe it’s February already…

25th January
Week4_1Since I’m always at work on Sundays which means I don’t have a lot of time to draw, this week I had the *inspired* idea of adding some watercolour to the pages before I left in the morning. This meant that I could do a quick doodle on my lunch break and it was still pretty interesting. Actually I was really pleased with the result and I’m going to try it out again this week too.

26th January
Week4_2Not my best page as it’s very doodly, but I got some new pens on Monday and I really wanted to try them out! The pens I got are a pastel colour range, they have twin tips (one brush one fineliner) and theyre realllly nice to colour with, think I’m going to have to get some more of the colour sets!

27th January
This was me trying out my new fineliners again. Most of the time I am too lazy to plan or sketch out the pages but who cares really. This is just a little bedroom scene and some buildings. yay!

28th January

I wrote this story ages ago about a cat that keeps on growing and then it can’t find any buildings big enough to live in. I wanted to write another mystery story about a cat looking for something. It’s double mystery because not even the cat knows what it is. No one ever will. Not even me. Maybe me.

29th January
Week4_5This page was inspired by this amazing picture I saw of Gizzi Erskine’s cat Kimchi, surrounded by all these insane fishy foods. Like there was a cake with fish skin on it, macaroons with fish tails poking out, shrimp cocktails, lobsters and crab legs everywhere. It was totally gross but also beautiful and then in the middle of it all was the sweetest little cat ever who looked like she didn’t know what to do with herself. It was great and one day I will sit down and draw Kimchi properly but in the meantime here’s a silly freeform sketch I did of it.

30th January
Week4_6This is a continuation of my ‘Dear Diary, I am a cat.’ series. I really really want to make this into a little book. I’m going to do it but it might take a while as I’m doing a million other things too. This is probably the longest I’ve spent on one drawing in this little book; I was having fun.

31st January

The last day of January! Insane. I just had a bubble bath that was purple (thanks Lush) and then I drew a cat riding a horse nibbling on its ear. YAY! WEEKENDZ!

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