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// 365 Drawings of cats – Week 14!

Hiya! Hopefully you’re not getting too bored of my drawings cos here are some more! I’m sure sometime soon I’ll have something different to blog about, but in the meantime I don’t mind just sharing my little thoughts with you…

I hope you all enjoyed Karli’s analysis last week… I think she knows me pretty well. Merry Christmas!

5th April
Week14_1It was Easter so obviously I had to add bunnies! Except I got carried away with the buns and ALMOST forgot to add cats. And then my cats looked like buns and my buns looked like cats.

6th April
Week14_2Happy Gloopy Day! Yeah so I decided to limit my gloopy drawings to one a week, so here is this week’s! Ooh look at that lovely blue. That was an accident.

7th April
Week14_3I guess I thought I’d been doing too much painting so I thought I’d go back to the pencil. This stated as a desk doodle. I also got an email that started ‘Hi kitten’ which I thought was the absolute cutest.

8th April
Week14_4Dreaming about Disneyland is the only thing that gets me through this damn life. Have fun or fuck off.

9th April
Week14_5Don’t want to sound like an emo but this is probably the worst I’ve ever done and if I could go back in time and do it over I WOULD. Nah, no regrets. Except some. This.

10th April

11th April
Week14_7This was done at 8am at the start of a looong train journey but I don’t know why I’m making excuses cos actually I really like this one. Someone said it looks like lemons but I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much.

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// 365 Days of Cats – Week 8

Pinch punch first of the month! Happy March everyone!
So two months of daily drawings are done and dusted, bring on the next ten! Here’s a look back at the last seven days of my little sketchbook of kitties.

February 22nd

Week8_1This was my last day of work! Yay! This was the last day I had to pre-paint and background to be able to make an interesting drawing in my lunch break! The lyrics are FKA Twigs which I have in my head constantly and was probably listening to at the time of painting it.

23rd February
Week8_2Hmm I hate when I end up doing pages like these, not much to em is there. I guess they’re OK to look at.

24th February
Week8_3Also I need to stop just taking pictures from my phone cos most of them are blurry without me realising until I get them up here.

25th February
Week8_4I get influenced really easily by whatever music I’m listening to at the time of drawing. This was a Beyonce day. (most days are tho am I right). I actually really like these pages but the one on the left took forever to paint. Well not really that long but I am busy and impatient.

26th February
Week8_5I had this little monkey in my head and just had to draw him. He might appear again because I thought he was pretty cute.

27th February
Week8_6Another blurry one, soz. Just cats N plants really.

28th February
Week8_7I really didn’t know where I was going with this one even while I was painting all the cats and I wasn’t really happy with it but then I added the text and it all came together. In other news I found that shark tooth on the beach at the weekend! So cool!!!!

// 365 drawings of cats – Week 6

Meow! I can’t believe six weeks have already gone past since I first started the #Tobydrawscats365 project! That’s 46 drawings so far! I have to say that this week has probably got my favourite selection of drawings so far…

8th February
Week6_1Following on from the last two weeks where I pre-painted my pages before going to work, this time I used pen to create the colourful backgrounds in advance of drawing the cats on my lunch break. I really can’t emphasise enough how boring this day at work was, so these drawings were somewhat of an escape…

9th February
Week6_2I’m still working on my fine liner skills, I want to get more confident at using them without pre-sketching. I will probably be forever a wonky-wobbly drawer, but that’s OK.

10th February
Week6_3On Monday I went to see one of my favourite bands, Slow Club, for like the 7th (or maybe 8th) time. I seriously love them loads and each time live they are great. They’re the perfect mix of fun and melancholy for me.

11th February
Week6_4This was just a bit of fun thinking about cats wearing my clothes. This time they’re wearing some of my favourite Lazy Oaf pieces, my banana shirt and Fuck This bobble hat.

12th February
Week6_5Well I just felt like having a little paint. Was playing around a bit with blank space. I don’t know if anyone else did but I just really liked that guy on the right.

13th February
Week6_6Friday 13th yo.

14th February
Week6_7It was Valentine’s Day wasn’t it! Had to do something a bit mushy/gross. ❤ </3

As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the week’s daily drawings! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for a new drawing each day!

// Deborah Ballinger Illustrations Kickstarter


If you’re yet to check out the work of amazing illustrator Deborah Ballinger now is the perfect time. With her debut line of unisex t-shirts about to launch she is looking to the public to help with the funding of this brilliant project through Kickstarter.

DB2I first met Deborah three years ago when we both completed a young entrepreneurs course with the Prince’s Trust in Brighton, where fate would have it we found ourselves sitting next to each other. I was immediately taken by her skills and natural talent as an illustrator; working mainly in pencil she creates beautifully detailed images featuring woodland creatures, mythical beasts and flowers among others.

For her range of T-shirts, Deborah has chosen four of her popular surface patterns, Spiritual Alchemy, Crystal Points, Bones and Flora and Fauna to print as sublimation designs.

“Printed on gorgeous American Apparel t-shirts, my sublimation tees feature my pencil surface designs from edge to edge. Sublimation dye printing is an innovative and unique way of achieving all over print, direct to the garment, without having to have the fabric printed separately. This bespoke print process is wonderfully scientific; designs are printed onto high quality transfer paper which is then heat pressed on a large format press to release the dye particles into the t-shirts. What’s more, each t-shirt is printed directly here in the UK using a small printing studio in London. A firm believer in buying local and supporting small business I’ve made sure to translate these beliefs into my new t-shirt line!”


I pre-ordered one of the T-shirts (‘Alchemy’) before Christmas and I can personally verify that they are amazing! The print quality is superb, with really vivid colours. The fact that the print is all over is really unique and super stylish too! It was a tough choice because I really love the crystal print too!


Being part of the handmade community I have many friends that seem to work twice as hard as other people, and I have to say that Deborah is honestly one of the most crazy hardworking people I’ve ever met, and it’s been so nice watching her independent business grow. I know that it would mean so much to her to see this new venture become a reality so I really encourage everyone to back the kickstarter and get it off the ground! All pledges get fantastic rewards worth much more than what you’re giving, so it’s really a win-win senario!

The campaign ends on the 15th February, you can back it HERE. 

New things. SOON.

New things soon!

Hello! Happy New Year!

I have been very busy planning lots of new things which I can’t wait to share. They include some all NEW knits, lots of lovely illustrations and even some home wares. Ooh exciting.

I’ll be re-launching my online shops once everything is ready, but in the meantime there’s still a select few knitted pieces still available. I’ll also be doing lots more fairs this year, keep your eyes peeled soon for my dates!

Toby (i like CATS)